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May 17, 2021 

We're Back!

With this week's issue, we're pleased to introduce a new format for our newsletter. Designed to be easier to produce and read, we hope you enjoy! Let us know what you think.
THIS IS A TEST It may feel strange to be thinking about the 2021 winter season already, but the Westborough Rotary Club (WRC) has been busy at work with their sights set on plans for the upcoming winter months.  Many townsfolk may not know, but the WRC, in combination with the DPW, has been responsible for the downtown winter lights for the past 50 years. A volunteer effort by club members has grown signficantly over the years (as have the trees), and we realized a need for an overhaul. The limitations of our volunteer resources as well as the need for a more polished feel sent the WRC looking for outside help.
After careful design and consideration, the WRC has enlisted the help of Christmas Decor for the "Phase 1" installation of our 2021 downtown winter lights. We are excited to enter a new direction that will provide a charming New England feel to our beloved rotary and make sure the downtown area receives the special attention it deserves.  WRC has signed a 3-year contract with Christmas Decor and the plan is that we will incrementally add to the lighting design over those years. Phase 1 will be a tasteful and introductory installation that can be added to as the years go on.  We wanted to be sure we were patient and encorporated town feedback at every turn, so upgrading the lights in a phased approached made the most sense.
Keep your eyes out for more news regarding "Westborough Winter Lights". We will be rolling out a logo contest and donation page and look forward to working with the Westborough community to highlight what a special place our downtown is. For any questions or more information, please reach out to
In early 2021, when Dismas Farms announced that they were no longer able to support the Westborough Farmers' Market, Heather Abraham of the Westborough Rotary Club (WRC) thought "Someone is going to take care of this; this is not going to just go away." Fast forward to the next Rotary Board Meeting and there it was on the agenda: Helping the Farmers' Market. Like Heather, the 7,000 other Facebook followers of the Westborough Farmers' Market were saddened to hear there would not be the annual town event this year. If you haven't had the chance to stop by the market, Westborough TV covered opening day in 2019 and you can just feel summer in the air. It's a classic New England scene, and one of the great charms of living in Westborough.  
The good news is that the Westborough Rotary Club has committed to keeping things going, along with the support of other civic organizations in town. Together with the team at the Congregational Church, the WRC will be coordinating volunteers and vendors to bring the town another wonderful season of the Farmers' Market. The next big step is coordinating that help, so if you are interested in learning more or volunteering any amount of time this summer, please reach out to Heather Abraham at
Opening day for 2021 will be Thursday June 24th, running through September 29th. 

Islam - A Way of Life

At our meeting on November 15, Aliza Majid, shown at left with President Shelby, shared her presentation "Islam - A Way of Life" with our Club members.  Aliza, a Girl Scout from Troop #30633, is working to earn the Girl Scout Gold award which is achieved by creating a  lasting contribution to the community and completing 80 hours of service. Only 4.5% of Girl Scouts earn the Gold Award, and Eliza will achieve this through sharing her passionate commitment and knowledge of Islam with groups throughout the community.  Judy Wilchynski, Aliza's Girl Scout leader, also joined us at our meeting.
Aliza is a student at Westborough High School, and attended RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) last June.  At RYLA, she discovered a community that became a close family while learning about leadership and that, in the end, we are all the same. Aliza is planning on applying to be a RYLA group facilitator next year.  
Aliza's presentation about Islam highlighted the Islam faith and its five pillars: prayer, charity and kindness, fasting during Ramadan, the Islamic pilgrimage to Makkah which represents a purification of the soul, and Islam's call to prayer.   She told us that the word "Islam" translates into “peace”, and that the Quran, Islam's central religious text,  states that violence is unacceptable. She shared with us that Muhammed, Islam's last prophet, was instrumental in establishing women's rights and for according women the highest level of respect in Islam. Aliza’s presentation also included information on women's roles in Islam along with significant women in Islam, like Ayesha and Maryam. Aliza ended her presentation by stressing that Islam honors modesty for both men and women.  Watch Aliza's entire talk on our Facebook page.

Show Your Rotary Spirit

Visit our Facebook page to add our new "Ask Me About Rotary" button to your profile picture.  You'll see this graphic at the top of the page.  Click on the "Try It" button to add it to your profile picture and help promote Rotary!

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Sep 22, 2021
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Sep 22, 2021 8:00 AM
Westborough Farmer's Market presented by Rotary
Westborough Congregational Church
Sep 23, 2021 2:00 PM
Westborough Farmer's Market presented by Rotary
Westborough Congregational Church
Sep 30, 2021 2:00 PM
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Oct 06, 2021
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Oct 13, 2021 6:00 PM
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Oct 27, 2021
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Nov 03, 2021
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Tree Lighting Sponsorships

Downtown Tree Lighting Sponsorships are still available! Help our club to raise money so that we can continue to light the community during the holidays!  There are approximately 40 trees available to sponsor. We expect sponsorships to go quickly! To secure your tree please send an email to Adam Boyce. Please help us continue to provide a beautiful holiday atmosphere in downtown Westborough.


Town Hall Commemorative Prints
At our meeting on November 8, the winner of the original painting was drawn.  Congratulations to Martha Heller, Tony Vaver's wife, for having her ticket pulled!  But wait there's more!  Unframed matted prints and matted and framed prints are still available and they are on sale - only $45 for framed and $20 for matted/unframed.  We have a total of 25 framed and 13 unframed prints available.  This could be a great, unique gift for someone, not just for Christmas. Picture it in your place of business or as an idea for a business gift.  All Rotarians are asked to share this information with friends and business associates. To purchase a print contact Jim O'Connor.  Thanks for your support to help us close out this fundraiser!
Westborough Veterans' Red Cross Blood Drive
Tuesday, Dec 12 - Knights of Columbus Hall
Earlier this year we worked with our local Veterans to help make their blood drive a success. Let's do it again!  Volunteer opportunities are available and of course you can always help by donating blood.  To volunteer click here.   To donate blood, please click here. Please spread the word - volunteers for this event are welcome and blood is always needed.  What better way to "give" than to literally give of oneself!
Help for Big Brothers Big Sisters Holiday Party
Friday, December 8 and Saturday, December 9
Harold Pinkham is asking for volunteers for a service project opportunity through Big Brothers Big Sisters at the Chapel of the Cross on Flanders Road. Opportunities include serving as a "Big" to a child for the day, and staffing gift and wrapping stations and arts and crafts.  BBBS expects 75 – 100 children.  They are also in need of donations of tape, name tags, blankets, hats, children’s books, craft station items, etc.  Anyone who wishes to attend the Holiday Party this year must be CORI checked. For this reason, anyone interested in volunteering on the 9th please reach out directly to Angela Martano or Harold.
Civic Club Holiday Tree Sale
The Civic Club Tree Lot has relocated to Hastings School, 111 East Main Street, (Rt. 30), Westborough after decades at Tufts Machine and we're helping them spread the word.  The Civic Club provides support to our community through the success of their sale.  
  • Purchase Wreaths & Trees of all sizes - Roping by the yard
  • Tree Lot is Open Daily starting Saturday Nov 25th
  • Monday - Friday 3:30 pm to 9pm (New Weekday Hours)
  • Saturday - Sunday 9am to 9pm
Club By-Laws Revision
Our by-laws were last updated in 2013.  It's time to take a look at look at them and to update them as needed, such that they reflect our club as it is today and with a forward-looking view.  We are in need of 4-5 members, including a committee Chair, to work as a team to review them, propose and write changes and to present those changes to the board. The changes will then be presented to membership for approval.  We'll launch this project in January. The goal is to finish the project by April.  Most work will be done via email / shared  documents. There will be a couple of face to face meetings as well.  If you are interested in being part of this project please contact President Shelby.
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