THIS IS A TEST It may feel strange to be thinking about the 2021 winter season already, but the Westborough Rotary Club (WRC) has been busy at work with their sights set on plans for the upcoming winter months.  Many townsfolk may not know, but the WRC, in combination with the DPW, has been responsible for the downtown winter lights for the past 50 years. A volunteer effort by club members has grown signficantly over the years (as have the trees), and we realized a need for an overhaul. The limitations of our volunteer resources as well as the need for a more polished feel sent the WRC looking for outside help.
After careful design and consideration, the WRC has enlisted the help of Christmas Decor for the "Phase 1" installation of our 2021 downtown winter lights. We are excited to enter a new direction that will provide a charming New England feel to our beloved rotary and make sure the downtown area receives the special attention it deserves.  WRC has signed a 3-year contract with Christmas Decor and the plan is that we will incrementally add to the lighting design over those years. Phase 1 will be a tasteful and introductory installation that can be added to as the years go on.  We wanted to be sure we were patient and encorporated town feedback at every turn, so upgrading the lights in a phased approached made the most sense.
Keep your eyes out for more news regarding "Westborough Winter Lights". We will be rolling out a logo contest and donation page and look forward to working with the Westborough community to highlight what a special place our downtown is. For any questions or more information, please reach out to
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