Our Club meetings this past month have been filled with a number of interesting speakers, guests, and of course, fellowship. At our meeting of September 19, Mike "Cappie" Capozzoli, shown here at right, with JustAPennyPlease.org stopped in as he neared the end of his walk across the country from California to Fenway Park. Mike is raising money to build homes for abused children and their pets. Visit his website to see his story and learn how he's committed to helping at least some of the millions of children in our country who are abused every year. At that same meeting, we also heard from Paul Hemphill, an author whose mission is to change the way history is taught in our school systems. In his book, "Inspiration for Teens" Paul makes history exciting, drawing on events from the Battle of Gettysburg to illustrate more than 200 life lessons. And finally, for now, at our social event at the Central House on October 3, we met representatives from the Arbor Day Foundation as well as a Rotary Youth Exchange from Brazil who was in the area visiting family. See photographer Ron Goodenow's photos of our Central House gathering in our photo gallery.
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