Recently, this writer and his wife Reina had a lovely dinner at longtime Rotarian Ron Goodenow's home. Over pleasant conversation, delicious paella prepared by Ron's wife Carol and a few glasses of wine, Ron related the story about how the unique shirt he had chosen for the evening's attire was made specifically for him while in Africa by a craftsman who went by the name of Pinot Noir.  Of course, we questioned the veracity of Ron's tale, wondering if perhaps the wine was contributing to an embellishment of his story. The next day, to allay our suspicions, Ron forwarded the photo shown at left, showing him in Africa, some 45 years ago, in front of the shirtmaker's shop.  Apparently, we misinterpreted the spelling of this talented local artisan's name.  And how about Ron?  What a "cool dood" (and of course, there's another story behind that name as well!).
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At its June meeting, the Board of Directors of Westborough Rotary voted to donate $10,000 to Westborough High School's Rangers on Track athletic fields renovation. Consistent with the Club's mission of supporting the community, this donation will help meet the Rangers on Track committee meet its fundraising goals to cover project expenses not funded by taxpayer dollars.
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Greg Topakian joined us at our meeting on June 13 to explain the basics of mindfulness practice and led us through two exercises - a body scan and a breath meditation. Greg is a long time educator and actuary, having taught economics at Boston University and serving as Actuarial Director at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Over the past thirty years, Greg has balanced his professional life with a daily practice of yoga and mindfulness meditation, and now Greg devotes his time to teaching mindfulness.  He'll begin a new series of classes at the Westborough Public Library on Tuesday, October 2.   He taught us that mindfulness trains the mind to be more aware, awake and alert, and allows us to choose how to react to emotions when they arrive.  Members left our meeting happy, relaxed and ready to do good in the world.  For more information on Greg's upcoming series, contact the Westborough Library. 
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At our meeting of June 27, our Club was pleased to welcome into membership two new Rotarians, Scott Secrest & Forrest Musselman.  Scott, who currently resides in Worcester, comes to us from the Rotary Club of Wellesley where he previously served as Club President.  An electrical engineer, Scott is VP of Engineering, CE Power Engineered Services, and serves as the chair of the Executive Committee for the Boston Chapter of IEEE's Power & Energy Society.  Scott is a member of the New Sound Assembly Barbershop Chorus and enjoys skiing and golf. Scott is pictured with Assistant Governor Kathy Wilfert, Past President Gerry Gross and Membership Chair Gary Kelley.
Forrest resides in Southboro and is the CEO and creative director for MindBrew Creative, a brand strategy and design agency specializing in web, print and social media for a broad range of corporate and non-profit entities. In addition to his work with MindBrew, Forrest has volunteered with a number of charitable organizations and has made humanitarian trips to both Haiti and Guatemala. Forrest is shown center stage in the photo at right with Jason Camuti, Kathy Wilfert, Gary Kelley and Club Treasurer Paul Reilly.
We're excited to have both Forrest and Scott as part of our Rotary family!
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On May 23, members of Westborough Rotary gathered at The BORO, a Westborough Public Schools program designed for students from 18 to 22 years who are eligible for educational services to support their successful transition into adulthood.  Housed in a completely renovated building in the center of Westborough, the BORO provides a welcoming environment for academic and life skills learning, relaxation, and social activities.  Currently, the program supports seven students, with the capacity for future growth to as many as twelve or more.  The BORO staff, led by Community-Based Program Coordinator Emily Stark, helps students develop independent living skills, plan for college, learn how to function as an integrated member of the community, and prepare for a productive career.
During our visit, several students, including Allie, pictured here at left, told us of their day-to-day experiences at the BORO program.  Several students used voice synthesis technology to relate their stories. Activities include cooking, searching for and preparing for job interviews, creating Powerpoint presentations, and reviewing their individual education plans (IEPs).  Allie, who was particularly enthusiastic about welcoming her Rotary friends, told us how much she enjoyed interacting with students from other area programs, how she enjoys miniature golf and making quesadillas, and of her success with calculus and other advanced math courses at a local college.
Scheduled to open this fall and colocated with the BORO in a dedicated space, The Sugar Shack, an operating commercial candy store, will provide students with vocational experience under the direction of BORO program staff. School officials are currently seeking both financial and advisory support for this aspect of the program.
Our members were touched by the students and impressed by both the facility and staff.  A committee has been formed to explore opportunities for our Club members to be a part of the BORO program. Contact Shelby Marshall if you'd like to be involved.
For more photos of our visit to The BORO Program, please click here. Thanks to Shelby, Ron Goodenow, and Reina Rago for sending these along.
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Rotarian & former Lt. Col. Jim Tepper, who served our country as a Marine helicopter pilot in Viet Nam and subsequently in the Marine Corps Reserve, was selected to be the grand marshall of Westborough's Memorial Day Parade. Jim gave a heartfelt and emotional speech during the town's Memorial Day ceremonies, reminding us that more than one million armed service members have lost their lives protecting America's independence.  He pointed out that the freedoms of speech, religion, and press, along with a right to fair trial, are not guaranteed by clerics,  journalists, lawyers, poets or writers, but that these rights and freedoms are guaranteed by men and women in uniform willing to pay the ultimate price to protect them. We thank Jim for his service to our country and are honored to have him as a member of our Club. See Paul McGrath's photos of the Memorial Day ceremony by clicking here. Watch Jim's speech, along with the entire ceremony, by visiting Westborough TV.

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On May 9th, the Rotary Club of Westborough inducted our newest member, Joe Baldiga. Joe is a resident of Hopkinton, where he lives with his wife Mary.  They have two children, Lucy, 20, and Rob who is 18.  Joe is a commercial attorney at Mirick O’Connell and is interested in financial literacy. He enjoys sports, jogging, and snowboarding and is an avid paintball enthusiast.  We welcome Joe and his family to our Rotary family and look forward to doing great things together.

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At our meeting of May 30,  we were pleased to welcome the recipients of the 2018 Westborough Rotary Club Scholarship Awards. This year’s recipients include Anthony Cai, Mariem Girgis, Rachel Bigelow, Johannah Bessell, Max Houle, Pooja Hingorany, Benjamin Riela, James Sommerville. Seven of the students are from Westborough High School and one is a Westborough resident attending Assabet Regional Technical High school.  Darrell Potosnak, department head of business and computer science at Westborough High School, helped to present the awards and has assisted us with the scholar selection process for several years. Thank you to Darrell and the scholarship committee and congratulations to all this year’s recipients!
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Over 600 Rotarians from 5 Districts in New England and Canada attended the Mount Washington Summit this past weekend, including Westborough's own Shelby Marshall and Elliott Rittenberg (shown here with District Governor Karin Gaffney), and District Governor Elect Steve Sager.  Against a backdrop of majestic mountain peaks and rainbows, attendees made new connections and participated in breakout sessions with an array of subjects including Vibrant Clubs, Service Projects, the Opioid Crisis, Hunger, Polio Plus and the Rotary Foundation. In a session on Leadership, former Vermont Governor Jim Douglas and former Governor Jane Swift from Massachusets addressed a standing room only audience in a wide-ranging discussion that touched on ethics, service, youth engagement, and of course, politics.
Among the highlights, Rotary International President Ian Riseley addressed the conference on Friday evening, underscoring the need for Rotary to adapt to the changing needs of its members in today's busy society. Later in the conference, Riseley's President's Representative, Past RI Director Karen Wentz, introduced Rotarians to Rotary's updated Vision Statement:  "Together we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe and in our communities."  
On Saturday evening, Travis Roy, who was severely injured during the first eleven seconds of his college ice hockey career as a Boston University Terrier, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down, inspired Rotarians by sharing how his positive attitude helped him on his journey to a fulfilling and productive life. After spending his entire youth preparing to play college hockey, when he finally made it onto the ice in that first and only game, he told us how, even after he was injured, he said to his father that he had "made it" - he had fulfilled his dream. Travis said that in life, sometimes we choose the challenge, and other times, the challenge chooses us. Travis went on to share that it was the power of positive attitude and the appreciation of simple things that helped him find value and purpose in his new paradigm.
Our final speaker on Sunday, Razia Jan, told us of her continuing efforts to educate young women in Afghanistan, and of the opening of the new Razia Jan Institute, the first women’s post-secondary vocational school in rural Afghanistan. Razia moved to the United States in 1970 and opened a small tailoring business in Duxbury. She was the first female member of the Duxbury Rotary Club and soon went on to become Club President.  After decades of war in Afghanistan, Razia was appalled at the treatment of women and the lack of education that she found when she returned home. Razia decided to build a school and shared with us stories of the opposition she faced from the local the local male population, including standing up to tribal leaders who threatened to stone her if she pursued her dream of educating young women. Today, at the Razia Jan Institute, students become certified in health services/midwifery while also learning English and computer literacy. Both the Institue and the Zabuli Education Center, with its K through 12 students, have received support from a number of Rotary Clubs both here and abroad.
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