Oct 16, 2019 12:15 PM
Gene Fry
Feedbacks – How Our Climate Past Foretells Our Climate Future

Gene Fry received his PhD in Resource Economics from Cornell University in 1989.  He has studied global warming for some 29 years.

He was policy & planning director at the Maine energy office, then an electric power economist at the Massachusetts utility commission for 13 years.  There in 1991, he sifted thru studies and testimony to assign $/ton damage values to CO2and other greenhouse gases.  After writing for environmental newsletters, he was energy efficiency evaluation manager for Western Mass Electric and Connecticut Light & Power.  

His research has included (1) how CO2, methane, and temperatures over millions of years inform our future; (2) recent warming rates for 348 US cities; and (3) the role of sulfates and sunspots in Earth’s temperature changes.  His draft paper for a peer-review journal connects paleoclimate data to our future, via the lag effects from changes in how much sunlight Earth reflects and other factors.

Dr. Fry has presented to over 50 audiences about global warming, including 5 in Asia, Europe and Canada, where he was a keynote speaker 4 times. He has lobbied 14 times for a revenue neutral carbon tax, with some 30 US Senators and Congressmen.  Also 7 times at the state level.  He has distributed his library of articles about climate change on CDs to some 25,000 people over 1/8 of a century.