Nearly 200 students will attend RYLA over the weekend of June 22 - 24.  This year, Westborough Rotary is sending a contingent of 10 students. They include Alexander Badger, Rhea Balasubramanian, Lydia Levesque, Ryan Doan Nguyen, Ryan Guilbeau, Sydney Breen, Carolyn McDermott, Conor McGrath, Samantha Stucchi & Neha Perumal. The event, held at Fitchburg State College, is a life-changing experience for high school sophomores and is designed to help develop leadership and interpersonal skills.  Volunteers are needed throughout the weekend in a variety of different roles, and no special skills are needed.  To learn more, visit the RYLA Volunteer Page or contact our Club RYLA Chair, Harold Pinkham. Be part of an experience you'll never forget.