Recently, this writer and his wife Reina had a lovely dinner at longtime Rotarian Ron Goodenow's home. Over pleasant conversation, delicious paella prepared by Ron's wife Carol and a few glasses of wine, Ron related the story about how the unique shirt he had chosen for the evening's attire was made specifically for him while in Africa by a craftsman who went by the name of Pinot Noir.  Of course, we questioned the veracity of Ron's tale, wondering if perhaps the wine was contributing to an embellishment of his story. The next day, to allay our suspicions, Ron forwarded the photo shown at left, showing him in Africa, some 45 years ago, in front of the shirtmaker's shop.  Apparently, we misinterpreted the spelling of this talented local artisan's name.  And how about Ron?  What a "cool dood" (and of course, there's another story behind that name as well!).
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