Posted by Marie on Jul 18, 2019
Minutes from June 20 BOD meeting; approved 7/11/2019
Board Meeting Minutes June 20, 2019
Board Members Present: Betsy Moquin, Elliott Rittenberg, Paul Reilly, Gary Kelley, Jason Camuti, Jim Tepper , Kathy Wilfert, Marie Kirby, 
Club Members Present; Don Bouffard Board Members Absent:    The meeting was called to order at 7:35 a.m.
Approval of Minutes: Minutes for the April meeting were not available for review.
Opening Thoughts; Betsy passed out blank note cards addressed to a member asking all present to write a note to another RCW member. Betsy will mail notes during the coming months.
Nominating Committee; The committee was not able to fill all vacancies prior to election of officers and directors in February. They have since recruited members to fill many vacancies.  The Committee will meet earlier in the coming year and try to include new members. There is concern that new leadership be recruited and introduced to the procedures and committees.
Membership Committee; Gary and Jason have been meeting.  Pam Smeggle will be joining the committee and has helped to identify some problem areas.  Plans are underway to provide more structure when new members are inducted. Several problems and opportunities have been discussed and an action plan is in the works which will include;  A mentor assigned to new members, they will provide the new member with information on how Rotary functions on the local, district and international levels.  On boarding will refocus on the local projects and help new members find a committee to serve on.  After initial on boarding follow ups between member and mentor will take place to help ensure all is going well.  Working to revise the membership options to include a corporate membership, discussion on how this worked in the current context of the bylaws; Jim motioned to allow the membership committee to revise membership, seconded by Gary,  Motion approved – Committee will work with Sponsorship on this.
Fund Raising/Sponsorship Betsy and Jim Coulson have met with BJs and a sponsorship donation should be forth coming.  Discussion is ongoing to bring in sponsor employees as Rotary members as part of the sponsorship program. See approved motion above. Discussion regarding including tables at the “Night at the Casino” – and inclusion of sponsors in promotional materials.  Betsy and Kathy to provide information back to the PR and Program committees regarding this. 
Gala Night at the Casino Steering Committee The committee has been actively overseeing the various committees and will meet again June 21. The BOD recognized the efforts of the auction committee thus far and the email that Neil Bock sent out. 
Board Meeting Minutes June 20, 2019
No updates currently.
Scholarship Checks cut and sent. Some students not able to attend yesterdays meeting. Effort will be made to bring them to a meeting.
Bylaws Bill Bloom looking into revising the bylaws regarding RCW/Westborough Rotary Fund
Addiction Prevention Report Meeting with Westborough Connects three more programs are upcoming. September 12, October 12 and one in December. Date tbd.  Features will be Vaping, Talking to Kids about addiction, Stress Management for Kids.  More RCW members need to be involved in this program.  Promotions will be coming out soon. Paul noted money for program was not budgeted and came from reserved funding. This program will be included in the new budget. Program information will also be included in future correspondence with sponsors.
Paul Harris Two donations are in process.  Paul Harris credits earned for work and Dollars donated.  More info on Paul Harris should be included in new Membership Brochure.
Area 3 $ 500 budget was used, more was built than had been expected; Pig pen and chicken house.
Little Library Project Libraries have been assembled and are ready to go. Need to be installed. 
Treasurers Report Paul sent report to all BOD prior to meeting.  Board reviewed and approved as presented. Dues have been coming in new checks will be represented in next report.  Discussion regarding including report on Club Runner with BOD minutes.  Full report should be presented. Membership questions regarding the report or budget should be addressed at meeting and to directly with the treasurer. 
New Business Strategies going forward – where are we as a club. How do we grow membership? Discussion regarding weekly meetings, times, workshops, and projects.  Concern voiced by older members that these issues have been addressed in the past.  That we should look back as well as forward.  Membership to look into what has worked in the past.  Concern that we don’t overlook the History and success of the last fifty years. Discussion about the changing diversity in the town, how to be inclusive and attract members.
No meeting July 3 – holiday week
Newsletter – Gary and Shelby will continue to produce and publish on Club Runner. 
Board Meeting Minutes June 20, 2019
Thank you to Betsy and all members for service this past year.
The meeting adjourned at 9:10 am.
Respectfully submitted,
Marie Kirby Acting Secretary
Next meeting: July 11, 2019, 7:30 am, Central One
Minutes July 11, 2019 BOD, submitted, not approved;
Board Meeting Minutes July 11, 2019
Board Members Present: Elliott Rittenberg, Sandy Kearney, David Kaiser, Betsy Moquin, Gary Kelley, Jason Camuti
Board Members Absent: Marie Kirby, Kathy Wilfert, Paul Reilly
Club Members Present; Pam Smeagle, Shelby Marshall   The meeting was called to order.
Approval of Minutes: Minutes for the June 20, 2010 meeting were read and reviewed. Betsy noted that the minutes should reflect Don Bouffard name should be listed as club member not BOD member. With that correction she moved to accept the minutes, Jason seconded the motion, Minutes Approved.
Old Business; Gary inquired about the continued use of an action item list.  Elliott requested that that practice be continued. Betsy will update the list from June.
Committee Updates:
Sponsorship;  To date $23,251 in donations have been committed. Of that amount approximately $13,000 has been collected. A discrepancy Between sponsorship records and the treasurer’s record was noted. Betsy will reconcile.  Future sponsorship committee initiatives include requests from Roche Brothers, McIntyre Insurance which has recently been sold. Jim O’Connor meeting with them. Cumberland Farms – Jim Coulson following up with them.  Dolan and Maloney – Sandy K to connect with Jim C regarding this company contact.  
Gala :A Night at the Casino” Steering Committee: Questions regarding coordination between sponsorship and auction committees Sponsorship Committee – see above,   Auction Committee – need to support team getting items, How do we know who has been asked, How do we pick up donations,  Budget – Elliott distributed a draft for event; “A Night at the Casino”
Membership Committee;  Pam - Committee has been working on closing gaps in the new member onboarding procedures. Sandy questioned how we improve new members connections sighting reduced participation in weekly meetings.    Elliott would like to re-enact the classification presentations. Dave K – RLI can be a training program, 1/25/2020, Courtyard Marriott, Marlborough
Board Meeting Minutes July 11, 2019
New Business;
Budget - Elliott
Proposed; contingency budget with three different funding levels ( $17,000,  $22,000,  $27,000) Gary motioned to use the $22,000 budget level and adapt, seconded Betsy motion carried. Questions on use of Club’s funds and how we use more effectively and a appropriate. Questions about Charitable Fund and how we use 501(c) 3, to take advantage of the tax-exempt status for sponsors. ACTION; engage fund board members in the conversation.
Discussion: What do we want to accomplish and how; Reduce the number of committee meetings, more involved membership, return to Rotary basics; foundation donations, enhance and organize fundraising efforts to increase available capital. 
The meeting adjourned 
Recorded by Gary Kelley, transcribed by Marie Kirby   Respectfully submitted,
Marie Kirby
Next meeting: August 15, 2019 7:30 a.m.  Westborough Inn, 4 Boardman Street
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