Cherylann Gengel from Be Like Brit visited on January 10, and along with our Giving Chair Betsy Moquin,  gave an update on Be Like Brit's efforts in Haiti.  Today, 33 boys and 33 girls live at Brit's home, symbolizing the 33 days that Cherylann's daughter Britney was missing after the the 2010 earthquake struck.  Britney, along with 300,000 others, died tragically during the earthquake.  Cherylann told us of the progress being made with infrastructure and water projects at the facility in Haiti, and that through the efforts of volunteers who visit, they built 35 homes for displaced families.
The Westborough Rotary Club sponsors a child at Be Like Brit. Darlandyna, pictured here at left, is a beautiful, friendly six year old girl who loves braiding her hair, dolls, dancing, and her best friend Valentina.  She also enjoys being tickled and reads quite well for her age.
Rotarian Brad Morse told us that his daughter will will be traveling to Haiti to volunteer at Be Like Brit this summer.  Betsy and Cherylann's entire presentation is available for viewing on our Facebook page.
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