Aug 21, 2019 12:15 PM
Kevin O’Brien, Author
The Massachusetts Biotech Boom

Biotech is an industry driven by curiosity, and that curiosity often delivers great rewards. The biotech revolution in Massachusetts is about more than clearing away eyesores of decaying structures and replacing them with gleaming new buildings. It has been a tremendous generator of new companies, jobs, hope, and wealth. Biotech has helped to replace stagnant business models with dynamic new ones. In his book, The Massachusetts Biotech Boom, author Kevin M. O'Brien, CFP(R), AIF(R), CAP(R), documents the general history and celebrates the milestones and breakthroughs of the Massachusetts biotechnology industry. O'Brien identifies the entrepreneurial and executive career opportunities within the biotech space while identifying and clarifying the risks that persist to this day, both generally and specific to the industry in Massachusetts. O'Brien presents a comprehensive five-step wealth management process, designed for you to enjoy, enhance, protect, and ultimately transfer your wealth efficiently and effectively. Illustrating a path to navigate one's career and business exploits toward a successful exit, O'Brien provides you with a clear view of the biotech industry landscape to show you ways of benefiting from the boom while remaining aware of the risks and to grow and keep your wealth